Muzakarah for Parents (March, 2011)

According to hadeeth, soliciting in deen is beneficial to the believers. Muzakarah is a gathering of people, sitting together and listening to the words of the speaker on a given topic in the light of his knowledge and experience. As the Quranic verse indicates these sittings are beneficial to the believers and are looked upon with favour by Allah (SWT).

Nakhlah arranges three Muzakarah events each academic year, in order to provide some basic guidelines and suggestions to the parents as well as teachers. Every aspect of training the children from religious discipline, to character building and spiritual education is discussed. Attending the Muzakarah is compulsory for parents and staff.

A Muzakarah was held on 27th March, 2011 at the Main Campus from 10:45 to 11:45 am. The speaker was Maulana Irshad Ahmed Faruqui. Salient features of his talk were an explanation of Quranic verse (Al-Furqan V:74) translation:

“O Lord! Grant us such spouses and children, as maybe a source of coolness to our eyes. And make us leaders of those who fear Allah.”
This is a supplication for the piety of one’s family. After that, he explained the teachings given in the fatherly advise by Hazrat Luqman to his son as narrated in the Quran.


CDs and cassettes of the bayan are available on request at the Main Campus.