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First Term Events (2019 – 2020)

Amazing Me (MCS) August 2019


Feed the Hungry (MCS) September 2019

Food Fest (MCS) September 2019

Independence Day (MCS) August 2019

Maths in Food (MCS) September 2019



Bakers Activity (JCG) November 2019

Dadi Nani Amma Kehti Hain (JCG) August 2019

Float and Sink (JCG)

Free Hand Painting Prep-l (JCG)

Germination (JCG) October 2019


Junior Wheel Project (JCG) December 2019

Project Display (JCG)


Roti Making (JCG) September 2019

Story Prep-l (JCG)

Whose Hat Is This (JCG) November 2019

Eat Right Be Bright (JCG) September 2019

Science and ICT Exhibition (BCS) October 2019




Reading Competition (Junior Campus Gulshan)

Children view books as an indulgence not a chore if they are exposed to early reading.

It prepares the child with a foundation for academic excellence it helps to enhance concentration and develop probing mind.

Self discipline and improved memory retention is also achieved through reading.

As we are constantly striving to accomplish the tasks of personality grooming and scholastic learning keeping Islamic values and norms intact, a reading competition was held on Friday 15th Feb, 2013.

Little participants showed great passion for reading as they went through the competition with great zeal and spirit Alhamdulillah!


Binte Ashfaq Ahmed               Prep-I

Muhammad Umer Mufti           Prep-II

Binte Haseebuddin Sheikh       Class-I

Islamic Culture Day and Food Mela (Girls Campus Society)

On Wednesday, the 23rd of January 2013, NAKHLAH GCS observed Islamic Cultural Day to recall the important contributions and achievements of the Muslims in the fields of Science, History, Architecture and Mathematics. The students made beautiful and informative projects for the allotted themes and gave presentations for their projects to the visiting mothers very enthusiastically. Following were the main themes for the day:

  1. Islamic History
  2. Muslim Scientists
  3. Muslim Mathematicians
  4. Muslim Architecture
  5. 24 hours Sunnah
  6. Muslim Countries

A Food Mela was also arranged where Sunnah practices were also observed and reinforced throughout the day. The visitors admired the efforts of the students. Everyone enjoyed delicious and tempting food items presented through different food stalls.