Primary Section

Our Primary Section

The Primary classes start right after the completion of 3 years Montessori program. The children are swiftly shifted to Grade I that is the first primary level. The primary course comprises of 5 complete years, Grade V being the last level.

At this level every child is encouraged to discover and nurture his/her liking of subject through a stimulating curriculum. The curriculum subjects mainly are English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education (including Islamiat, Recitation of Quran Majeed, Taaleem and Bayan) and Urdu. Subsidiaries are Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Art, Computing and Physical Education.

This curriculum not only develops high standard of literacy and numeracy but also stimulates children creativity and provides them with the choices in learning. We ensure that ample time and sufficient support is given to the child entering the primary level and hence the care is taken not to over burden the child with the tests and exams. At grades I & II the children are assessed on day to day performance and a comprehensive progress report is made to show the development of skills.

After two years of adjustment to learning of multiple subjects the child then enters the world of testing process.

At NAKHLAH, all staff aim to work together with students and parents to fulfill the mission of the institution. High importance is given to Behavior and Values. We have set rules of code of conduct and expect good moral and ethics from each individual as prescribed in our religion. We encourage children to be honest, respectful, caring and courteous. We aim to provide at each level a broad & balanced curriculum that relates the past knowledge to the present experiences and promotes independence in learning. We shall maintain a complete learning environment by transferring all soft boards into learning equipment, by carrying on reading program in the Library and by focusing on activity based learning.

We are lucky to have a combination of experienced and emerging teaching staff commonly working for educating and nurturing each whole child, enabling them to achieve high standards of academic attainments whilst also developing them into confident human beings and true Muslims. We are proud to be a school that nominates teachers for various training courses organized by recognized trainers such as SPELT, TRC, ERDC, etc.

Our campuses are friendly and welcoming places. In corridors and classrooms children work and achievements including star of the month, Best readers are regularly displayed to motivate the students. The environment has different learning areas including Computer Labs, Reading room, and Play area to enthuse the child about their lessons. Within this environment a number of activities are carried out and projects are displayed to impart extensive knowledge in an interesting way. In short we aim at creating a happy and safe environment with good use of well-equipped resources.

  • To have good and clear basic concepts of Islam
  • To maximum become habitual of Islamic practices
  • To know about their abilities and have confidence in oneself
  • To develop good social skills
  • To have strong Moral sense, to be kind, to cooperate well and be a good citizen
  • To have Healthy minds and healthy thoughts
  • To develop the love for learning and enthusiasm for progress