A Bee-Dazzling Experience (Oct, 2011)

Thumping hearts, praying lips, clenched fists and six frozen bees. That was our condition before stepping on the stage of the 7th Dawn in Education Spelling Bee Competition 2011, Regional Round (age group 9-11, 15-17 years). Triumph in the District Level was unexpected, yet overwhelming!

We breezed through the first round at the Regionals, but sadly we could not clear the Triple Sting Round. However, our teachers, parents and the entire school treated us exactly like winners. We’re proud to have represented and brought Nakhlah Girls this far.

-Ayesha Aftab, Haya Yawer, Madiha Hatim, Hadia Shahid, Humnah Rehan, Zainab Tausif