Background and NAKHLAH Today

Feeling the sheer need of an Akhira oriented modern educational institution in this era of advanced technology, NAKHLAH was established in 1997 under the guidance of a team of learned Ulama-e-Kiram and thinkers.

Alhamdulillah through successful and continuous efforts, today NAKHLAH has achieved a reputable name and is considered to be among the leading Cambridge institutions imparting quality education in an Islamic environment.

Our motto is to establish a harmony between Islamic beliefs and societal needs.

Today we are pleased to have a team of professional management, motivated teachers and supportive parents going hand in hand with a common vision for the progress of the institution.


To seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty.


Grooming of next generations of Muslim Ummah under the guidance of learned Ulama-e-Kiram, educationists and professionals.

Providing quality education in an Islamic environment.

Aims and Values

At NAKHLAH, all staff aim to work together with students and parents to fulfill the mission of the institution. High importance is given to Behavior and Values. We have set rules of code of conduct and expect good moral and ethics from each individual as prescribed in our religion. We encourage children to be honest, respectful, caring and courteous. We aim to provide at each level a broad & balanced curriculum that relates the past knowledge to the present experiences and promotes independence in learning. We shall maintain a complete learning environment by transferring all soft boards into learning equipments, by carrying on reading program in the Library and by focusing on activity based learning.


Affiliated with Cambridge Assessment International Education.