Annual Sports (Boys Campus) (Oct, 2011)

According to a Hadith:

“A Mo’min with greater stamina and strength is better than a weaker Mo’min.”

We cannot lay aside the fact that sports can improve a student’s life by using the active memory to connect to the brain. This causes the brain to be more useful and ready for any thing that comes along. In a student’s life, sports are part of curriculum and help maintain good physical and mental health which is equally important for a student as academics.

Many sports help in increasing concentration which is helpful in studies. Therefore, for a student, academics and sports should go hand in hand.

Keeping the above facts in view, Nakhlah Boys Campus organized a colorful sports event that continued for three days (26th Oct. 2011-28th Oct. 2011) at Junior Campus ground.

Alhamdulillah all boys from class IV to “O” Level took active part in it and displayed the spirit of team work, discipline as well as perseverance.

The purpose of the event was to enhance the spirit of vim and vigor among the Nakhlians.