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End of the Session 2019 – 2020

NAKHLAH extends a sincere thanks to your round-the-year support. Especially, during the online sessions, you have been really engaged and supportive. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort that you have put into your child’s learning in recent times. It is because of your valuable contribution and commitment […]

Parental Support

The online tests are a great challenge as they are not only the test of academic learning but a great test of Faith that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is watching me, a test of fairness and honesty in the absence of the teacher / invigilator. Dear parents, we have been talking about and discussing our […]


The holy month of Ramadan is being celebrated with devotion and now a few sacred and highly ranked nights of last ashra are left to be completely spent in seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah, repenting with true spirit and asking for refuge from the fire of hell. Allah (SWT) says in Holy Quranyou shall […]

Last Ashra of Ramadan

According to a narration of a hadith, there are five special virtues of Ramadhan for this Ummah which no other Ummah have enjoyed: The foul odor from the mouth of a person with fast is dearer to ALLAH SubhanaoTa’ala than the fragrance of mushk. Even the fish in water pray for the person in fast […]

Online Classroom

Alhamdulillah! NAKHLAH has started an online classroom. Teachers are available to facilitate. Visit: www.nakhlah.edu.pk/online-classroom Or download from the following links: Google Play Store: bit.ly/35hF3Ib Apple Store: apple.co/2xi82yW  

Online Fee Transfer

As per numerous requests received from parents, we will be sending fee details to your email address for online transfer. In case email is not received, please inform on registrar@nakhlah.edu.pk. Parents are requested not to visit Registrar Office.  

Fee Challan

As per Sindh Govt’s notification, all schools in Sindh are allowed to collect monthly fees in order to timely disburse salaries of staff members, pay rentals, tax, etc. Hence kindly collect Fee Challan of your child from Registrar Office between 10:00 to 13:00 Mon-Sat. Due date is 15-Apr-20. Your timely payment & cooperation in this […]