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Maths Quiz – Junior Campus Society (Nov, 2012)

Maths Quiz was held at NAKHLAH Auditorium for students of JCS on Friday 16th November, 2012 to enhance the mathematical skills of our students along with boosting up their confidence. The trial and error game was attended by mothers sitting inquisitively, holdingtheir breaths and praying for their children. The programme was based on four rounds […]

Muzakarah for Parents (Nov, 2012)

Carrying on our mission to build personalities under the guidance of Ulama-e-Kiram, Alhamdulillah, a Muzakarah was hosted at NAKHLAH (JCS) on Sunday 4th November, 2012 with an aim of providing an opportunity to parents to learn parenting trends on the right path. The session by Hazrat Mufti Abdul Jabbar Sahib (Imam wa Khateeb Jamia Masjid […]

Field Trip (Oct, 2012)

Staying within the limits of Sharia recreational activities are allowed in Islam. Keeping this in view NAKHLAH has arranged this activity to enhance the efficacy of students towards curriculum. Girls Campus Society organized a picnic for classes VII to OIII on Tuesday 2nd October, 2012. They were taken to Pavilion End Club during school hours […]

Health Week (Sep, 2012)

“Cleanliness Is Half Of One’s Faith” Health week was celebrated at Junior Campus Gulshan in order to develop awareness of cleanliness and its importance in our lives as Muslims. Students were taught through various activities to perform different tasks according to Sunnah, such as use of Miswak, washing hands, cutting nails and proper use of […]

Qirat and Naat Competition – Girls Campus Society (Sep, 2012)

Qirat and Naat competition was organized at GCS on 26th Shawwal 1433, Friday 14th Sep, 2012. The purpose of this competition was to appreciate our students for their recitation of the Holy Quran, thus motivating all towards a better recitation of this sacred book. Besides this we also aimed to inculcate the love of our […]

Oath Taking Ceremony (Aug, 2012)

Alhamdulillah, elections were held at BCS and GCS, with an aim of inculcating responsibility and leadership among our senior students. The balloting was conducted on the 29th of August and the oath taking ceremony was held on the 31st. A Student Council has been established where each student has pledged to honor NAKHLAH and practise […]

Eid Get Together (Aug, 2012)

Different campuses of Nakhlah held Eid get-together in the month of August.The purpose of this collaborative effort was to inculcate Islamic values with special emphasis on celebrations and to build dependable student-teacher relationship. The event was celebrated within each class where students decorated their classes, played different mind games and had snacks together, following the […]

Science Day – Girls Campus Society (Feb, 2012)

To polish the student’s talent and to inspire them to upgrade their skills, in order to keep them updated with the latest developments in the field of Science and Technology and other aspects of living, a very impressive display of projects, presented by Nakhlians, was witnessed at the Girls Campus (Society) on Saturday, 25th February 2012.    […]

Nakhlah Sports Day 1433 (Jan, 2012)

Sports, at Nakhlah are an essential part of inculcating sportsman spirit, and of emphasizing the importance of healthy competition. A combined event for student of Montessori and junior campuses was held on January 28, 2012, at junior campus (society) The students participated with exuberance, and were whole-heartedly supported and encouraged by teachers, mothers and their […]

A Trip to GO-AISH – Boys Campus Society (Jan, 2012)

“The students of Nakhlah Boys Campus (Society) went for a thrilling adventure at GO-AISH Adventure Park on 28th January, 2012. Juniors of Classes IV to VI explored their ultimate self empowerment by doing long rope course while Seniors of Classes VII to OII not only committed themselves mentally and physically to overcome challenging obstacles during […]