Oath Taking Ceremony (Aug, 2012)

Alhamdulillah, elections were held at BCS and GCS, with an aim of inculcating responsibility and leadership among our senior students. The balloting was conducted on the 29th of August and the oath taking ceremony was held on the 31st. A Student Council has been established where each student has pledged to honor NAKHLAH and practise Islamic values in his/her life.

Eid Get Together (Aug, 2012)

Different campuses of Nakhlah held Eid get-together in the month of August.The purpose of this collaborative effort was to inculcate Islamic values with special emphasis on celebrations and to build dependable student-teacher relationship.

The event was celebrated within each class where students decorated their classes, played different mind games and had snacks together, following the Sunnah etiquette of eating. The class teachers along with subject teachers explained importance of celebration in Islam in context with Eid-ul-Fitr. The teachers actively participated in the event with students throughout the day.

Science Day – Girls Campus Society (Feb, 2012)

To polish the student’s talent and to inspire them to upgrade their skills, in order to keep them updated with the latest developments in the field of Science and Technology and other aspects of living, a very impressive display of projects, presented by Nakhlians, was witnessed at the Girls Campus (Society) on Saturday, 25th February 2012. 


Although it was called ‘Science Day’, it also contained detailed projects on Geography, Computer Studies, Marketing, Technology, etc.


A sense of patriotism was created with the display of Pakistani culture, willingness to bring change was witnessed with the demonstration of an easy method of generating electricity, ways to prevent the most common diseases were also exhibited. Display of our fascinating solar system convinced the viewers to bear witness to Allah Almighty’s signs and many more projects were presented-all along with extreme fun.


Thus, the entire Science day was a reflection of the high standards of Nakhlah’s students.

Nakhlah Sports Day 1433 (Jan, 2012)

Sports, at Nakhlah are an essential part of inculcating sportsman spirit, and of emphasizing the importance of healthy competition. A combined event for student of Montessori and junior campuses was held on January 28, 2012, at junior campus (society) The students participated with exuberance, and were whole-heartedly supported and encouraged by teachers, mothers and their peers. Alhamdulillah, enthusiasm of students and excellent team work of staff made this day a memorable & successful one. Saad House claimed the trophy as the winner house. Well done, well grabbed, Saad House!

A Trip to GO-AISH – Boys Campus Society (Jan, 2012)

“The students of Nakhlah Boys Campus (Society) went for a thrilling adventure at GO-AISH Adventure Park on 28th January, 2012. Juniors of Classes IV to VI explored their ultimate self empowerment by doing long rope course while Seniors of Classes VII to OII not only committed themselves mentally and physically to overcome challenging obstacles during their long rope course but also conquered fear of heights and speed by strapping themselves for thrilling ride in Flying Fox.”

Throw Ball Tournament – Girls Campus (Jan, 2012)

The feeling of exuberance filled the air on 7th January 2012 at the Junior campus ground as the first throw ball tournament among the classes of OI, OII and OIII commence.

Montessori Rhyme Competition (Nov,2011)

Montessori section organizes a Rhyme Competition every year to develop students’ confidence and comprehension skills. This year it was held on Friday, 25th November, 2011. The participants from each class had memorized quality poems, which they proceeded to recite commendably, Masha Allah, with tough competition amidst the contestants, the winners from each class were as follows; NURSERY:

  • Mohammad Ahmed
  • Asma Irfan
  • Safa Abdul Qadir


  • Rameen Rafi
  • Yusra Faraz
  • Mohammad Mohtashim Noman


  • Fatima Farooq
  • Hamna Aazim
  • Mohibullah

And Special Prizes went to;

  • Abdur Rahim Jawad (Nur)
  • Abdur Rafay (Prep I)
  • Sheikh Ali Gohar (Prep II)

Qirat and Naat Competition – Boys Campus (Nov, 2011)

To promote the true spirit of the Quran and create a sense of understanding towards Deen-ul-Islam, Nakhlah Boys Campus organized Qira’at and Na’at Competition on 4th November 2011, Friday at Nakhlah Auditorium.

ALHAMDULILLAH! the Nakhlians took active part in both the areas with pomp and enthusiasm.

Study Tour – Montessori Campus (November, 2011)

With thematic selection of venue for study tour students of Prep I were taken to visit 5 star park (Nasir Hussain Shaheed Park), block 2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal on 3rd November,2011.This trip proved to be good learning experience for the young student and give them a chance to observe weather during the autumn season. The amazement of the trip was drizzling and natures walk.

Muzakarah for Parents (Oct, 2011)

According to hadeeth, soliciting in deen is beneficial to the believers. Muzakarah is a gathering of people, sitting together and listening to the words of the speaker on a given a topic in the light of his knowledge and experience.

As the Quranic verse indicates these sittings are beneficial to the believers and are looked upon with favour by Allah (SWT).

Nakhlah arranges Muzakarah events, in order to provide some basic guidelines and suggestions to the parents as well as teachers. Every aspect of training the children from religious discipline, to character building and spiritual education is discussed. Attending the Muzakarah is compulsory for parents and staff.

A Muzakarah was held on Sunday 30th October, 2011 at the Junior Campus from 10:25 AM to 11:30 AM The speaker was Maulana Shuaib Alam Sahib.

CDs and cassettes of the bayan are available on request at the Junior Campus.