The holy month of Ramadan is being celebrated with devotion and now a few sacred and highly ranked nights of last ashra are left to be completely spent in seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah, repenting with true spirit and asking for refuge from the fire of hell.

Allah (SWT) says in Holy Quranyou shall complete the number of days and you may glorify Allah for his guiding you and that you may be thankful

So now it time for Eid. Eid ul Fitr actually means festive of breaking of the fastas it marks the end of the sacred month of Ramadan.

Eid-ul-Fitr is an important religious festival celebrated by the Muslims worldwide. May Allah bless you with spiritual wisdom (Emaan and Amal) on this occasion and bring joy, happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your family.

InshaAllah we will join back for the online classes from 1st June 2020.