NAKHLAH Academics


NAKHLAH, where feels quite imperative, produces / compiles its own books and work-books on different subjects to meet the needs of curriculum (with Islamic integration).


  • In NAKHLAH, the curriculum is designed after a careful thought to achieve academic excellence without violating divinely laid principles.
  • A conventional adaptation is made to inculcate Islamic Ideology with the lessons planned.


  • Affiliated with Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Academic Year

  • The academic year starts from August comprising two halves. The first half commences in August followed by half yearly examination in December. Likewise, second half commences in January ending in May with final examination.
  • In between the above mentioned examinations, periodic tests are held regularly.
  • Regular PTMs (Parent Teacher Meetings) are arranged for prompt parent-teacher interaction.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Students academic progress is evaluated through class tests, informal assessments (one in each term), three bi-monthly tests (in the months of October, December & March) and final examination in May. The results of periodic tests, assessments & examination are aggregated for the final result of the academic session.
  • The progress report is sent to the parents in the months of January and May.
  • Assments of Nazrah Quran-e-Majeed are held regularly for correct Tajweed.
  • The adoption of Sunnah etiquettes and school discipline as well as child learning attitude are also considered at the time of rating a student along with the marking of oral and written assessments.
  • Bonus marks are awarded on parents presence at Muzakarah.

Shield & Awards

The four best students of each class get their Shield of Honour at the end of the year on the basis of their positions:

1. Abu Bakar

2. Umar

3. Usman

4. Ali

One who gets Abu Bakar Shield of Honor for three consecutive years is awarded Al Mustafa Shield of Honor.


All the students of NAKHLAH are divided in four houses:

1. Khalid

2. Saad

3. Abu Obaidah

4. Zaid

Each house has its house captain and advisor teacher. To maintain discipline and to increase a child interest in extra & co-curricular activities brilliant students are selected as PREFECTS from each class.


  • HOLIDAY NOTICE (Muharram-ul-Haram)

    All campuses of NAKHLAH shall remain closed on 8th & 9th August, 2022.

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  • Academic Session 2022-23

    The Academic Session will start online from Monday 01-August-22.
    However, the physical classes will commence from Wednesday 10-August-22. InshaAllah.
    For Booklist, Event Calendars and Timetables; please login to NAKHLAH Online Classroom.

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  • Academic Session 2022-23

    Academic Session 2022-23 shall commence from Monday 01-August-22 Insha'Allah.

    For Booklist, Event Calendars and Timetables; please login to NAKHLAH Online Classroom.

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