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Science Day – Girls Campus Society (Feb, 2012)

To polish the student’s talent and to inspire them to upgrade their skills, in order to keep them updated with the latest developments in the field of Science and Technology and other aspects of living, a very impressive display of projects, presented by Nakhlians, was witnessed at the Girls Campus (Society) on Saturday, 25th February 2012. 

Although it was called ‘Science Day’, it also contained detailed projects on Geography, Computer Studies, Marketing, Technology, etc.

A sense of patriotism was created with the display of Pakistani culture, willingness to bring change was witnessed with the demonstration of an easy method of generating electricity, ways to prevent the most common diseases were also exhibited. Display of our fascinating solar system convinced the viewers to bear witness to Allah Almighty’s signs and many more projects were presented-all along with extreme fun.

Thus, the entire Science day was a reflection of the high standards of Nakhlah’s students.

Nakhlah Sports Day 1433 (Jan, 2012)

Sports, at Nakhlah are an essential part of inculcating sportsman spirit, and of emphasizing the importance of healthy competition. A combined event for student of Montessori and junior campuses was held on January 28, 2012, at junior campus (society) The students participated with exuberance, and were whole-heartedly supported and encouraged by teachers, mothers and their peers. Alhamdulillah, enthusiasm of students and excellent team work of staff made this day a memorable & successful one. Saad House claimed the trophy as the winner house. Well done, well grabbed, Saad House!

A Trip to GO-AISH – Boys Campus Society (Jan, 2012)

“The students of Nakhlah Boys Campus (Society) went for a thrilling adventure at GO-AISH Adventure Park on 28th January, 2012. Juniors of Classes IV to VI explored their ultimate self empowerment by doing long rope course while Seniors of Classes VII to OII not only committed themselves mentally and physically to overcome challenging obstacles during their long rope course but also conquered fear of heights and speed by strapping themselves for thrilling ride in Flying Fox.”


  • Resumption of Hybrid Classes

    As per the government notification, all Campuses of NAKHLAH will conduct the Hybrid Classes from Monday 24-Jan-2022.
    Kindly check the Online Circular available on the website and respective Google classrooms for class wise details.

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  • Winter Vacation

    In lieu of the notification issued by the Sindh Government, all Campuses of NAKHLAH will remain closed during Winter Vacation from Monday 20-Dec-21 till Sunday 02-Jan-22 and will resume from Monday 03-Jan-22 In Sha Allah.

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  • HOLIDAY NOTICE (19-Oct-21)

    All campuses of NAKHLAH will remain closed on Tuesday 19-Oct-21.

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