Parental Support

The online tests are a great challenge as they are not only the test of academic learning but a great test of Faith that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is watching me, a test of fairness and honesty in the absence of the teacher / invigilator.

Dear parents, we have been talking about and discussing our triangular association:

Now is the time when parents have to play the role of a mentor as well as a monitor. This is the very first attempt of your child to take the test at home. A home itself gives a cosy and comfortable feeling and the home environment is child friendly. In this situation, you are our greatest support to prepare the child and create a test environment.

We would like you to invigilate in place of a teacher to monitor the fairness and time management that are the important factors of online testing.                                                         

Special care is to be taken that neither the siblings nor any other family member are found around the child taking the test. This is not only a first attempt of the students to take the test on their own but the first experience for school as well to see how the students perform in the absence of teachers, hence the most counted is the effort of the child and this will be preferred while marking. Parents support is needed to login on time and to submit the paper on time. We prefer only one of the parents to sit silently with the child and what can be better than the recitation of dua for him/her.

We appreciate the efforts of our parents and students in staying strong during the pandemic and regularizing the studies. We wish all the best for the upcoming tests.