Science Day – Girls Campus Society (Feb, 2012)

To polish the student’s talent and to inspire them to upgrade their skills, in order to keep them updated with the latest developments in the field of Science and Technology and other aspects of living, a very impressive display of projects, presented by Nakhlians, was witnessed at the Girls Campus (Society) on Saturday, 25th February 2012. 


Although it was called ‘Science Day’, it also contained detailed projects on Geography, Computer Studies, Marketing, Technology, etc.


A sense of patriotism was created with the display of Pakistani culture, willingness to bring change was witnessed with the demonstration of an easy method of generating electricity, ways to prevent the most common diseases were also exhibited. Display of our fascinating solar system convinced the viewers to bear witness to Allah Almighty’s signs and many more projects were presented-all along with extreme fun.


Thus, the entire Science day was a reflection of the high standards of Nakhlah’s students.